In the past, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) qualifications might have been sufficient for success in the job market. We now live in a time where there is growing diversity within our borders. We have to face huge global challenges because the world is changing faster – English language dominates the global economy, industries changing at a record pace, technology leading to more efficient and effective ways of doing everything, globalization interconnecting us all. In addition, there are many promising students competing in the job market. With only the help of STEM qualifications, ESL students face difficulties in preparing for a job in the global economy.

What can you do?

Along with diverse skills and qualifications, you can gain an advantage in the job market by focusing on English as a second language. English is the native language in over 60 countries and is the dominant language of business. Even if you are not living in a country where English is not a language of jobs and businesses, you will have to willy-nilly face it sooner or later as the world is inexorably inching toward more globalization, which requires increasing interaction with clients, partners, and vendors from countries around the world. 

How English helps ESL students in the global economy

English will help prepare you for job interviews with multinational companies both at home and abroad. Studies point that people who speak fluent English can earn 34 percent more than those who don’t. To take advantage of global market opportunities, companies must hire employees with global skills and English is an integral part of this. Even in blue-collar jobs, people earn more if they can speak English at a basic level. English is an essential skill for the ESL student in this competitive job market.

English is a skill

Keep in mind that English is not a subject. It’s a skill. Unlike math, science, history, or accounting, it will stay with you for your whole life. In the global economic perspective, you don’t need to have a situation of job security where you have your job for life, but you need employment security, where you know that if you lose your job, you can always find a new one. So, if you stay on top of your game and sharpen your English skills, you will remain marketable everywhere always.

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