There were five people who spoke five different languages that got together in a jungle. They were naturally inquisitive and wanted to know about one another. Unfortunately, each of them knew only their mother tongue. That was the problem. Being lost in the jungle, they had to stay there together but they couldn’t understand one another. How strange! Luckily, they found a wise man there who taught them one common language. Problem solved! Now they started communicating with one another and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Can you guess what common language helped them to know and understand one another? Yes, it’s English! It is the language which is by far more often used within a global context. English is one of the most widely-spoken languages and often considered to be the most influential language in the world. Whether you want to learn English to further your studies, your business and job career, or to help you communicate when traveling to English-speaking countries, there are many benefits you can gain from learning English.

If you grew up in an English-speaking country, you are fluent in the language because you use it every day. However, when you are in a non-English speaking country where it is used as a second language or foreign language, you have to put forth an effort to learn English. The ability to understand and speak English can provide you with a lot of benefits and advantages in your day-to-day life. English is a great tool for you in helping to advance your career. English can also help you in your academic studies by opening diverse options to advance your studies.

The Benefits of Learning English for Students

To adjust to the rapidly advancing, information-based, and competitive world of today, you must learn English. It will help you:

● Understand instructions clearly
● Be confident of using English in any environment
● Carry out further studies and research
● Get a taste of world literature without necessarily knowing different languages
● Become skilled in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Benefits of Learning English for Business and Jobs 

English is called the language of business and jobs in almost all countries. If you have ambitions to become an international businessperson, you must learn English to carry out overseas business. English will help you:

● Secure a good job with a better salary
● Learn new skills for jobs
● Be able to attend or hold international business meetings
● Get the chance to build relationships with overseas customers
● Be a world-class businessperson

Learning English for Travel

English is also the language most travelers use. They need to speak English to immigration officers, hotel staff, taxi drivers, and others to communicate. With English you can:

● Express yourself easily
● Meet new people and establish relationships
● Enhance your confidence
● Have a better experience by interacting with locals
● Organize your tours independently

English is known as the language of opportunity. By learning English, you get access to a great wealth of information and expanded opportunities which may not otherwise be available. Please share your thoughts on why you want to learn English.

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