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Teacher BruceWelcome to ESL Class Online. My name is Teacher Bruce, and I am a TEFL-certified ESL teacher. Unlock your potential with my 1:1 English classes! I offer comprehensive lessons in speaking, reading, listening, and grammar to equip you with the skills you need to reach your language goals.

Scheduling a class has never been easier! Use the online booking system below to select the date and time that you would like to schedule a class. Each lesson session is 30 minutes long and is tailored to ensure optimum focus and effective learning. If there is a booking time that you would like that is not on the booking calendar, please contact me here. I will try to arrange a class time that meets your schedule. Please be sure to include your email when completing the booking information form.

  • Easy Payment: Pay securely at the time of booking via PayPal.
  • Online Learning Platform: My classes are hosted on Zoom, a user-friendly and accessible platform. Sign up for a free account here.
  • Need help?: If you encounter any issues setting up your Zoom account or have any other queries, please contact me. I am here to assist you every step of the way!

✅ English language lesson with a native speaker of American English

✅ Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons for young learners

✅ Lesson feedback sent after each class is completed

✅ Each lesson is 30 minutes

If you are having trouble viewing the calendar, please click here to schedule a class. 

ESL Class Online Courses

Level 1- Phonics/PreK: I start your child’s English journey with my Phonics course. Perfect for preschoolers, this course uses engaging activities to introduce the sounds of English.

Level 2- Pre-A1: My Beginner’s English course provides learners with a foundation in basic vocabulary and phrases, enabling simple English conversations and interactions.

Level 3- A1: My A1 course empowers learners to understand and use everyday English expressions. Begin conducting simple conversations and asking and answering personal questions in English.

Level 4- A2: Ideal for ESL students, my A2 course helps learners communicate in routine situations. Learn to describe your background, environment, and immediate needs in simple English terms.

Level 5- B1: With a focus on practical English, my B1 course enables learners to comprehend and respond to main points in clear standard English commonly encountered in work, school, and leisure.

Level 6- B2: My Intermediate English course encourages learners to interact fluently with native English speakers, making regular English conversation possible without any strain.

Level 7- C1: My Advanced English course helps learners express their ideas fluently and spontaneously in English. Use English effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes.

Level 8- C2: My Proficiency English course is designed for learners to understand virtually everything heard or read in English. Learn to summarize information and present coherent arguments in English.


Five Stars

Hello Teacher Bruce. How are you today? We learned many new vocabulary words today. And you are a funny humorous teacher. Thank you for teaching me. Bye


He is a good teacher. I always enjoy lessons with him. Also, I learn a lot from them. Thank you.


Thanks so much for Teacher Bruce. Lulu is so happy to learn from you and more free talk. She loves to share with you. Looking forward to your next class.

Parent of student Lulu


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