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  • Do you want to improve your English reading and listening skills?                                                     

  • Do you want to work on your English writing and speaking abilities?

  • Would you like to feel more confident when speaking English?

  • Do you need to improve your test-taking proficiency?

  • I offer personalized one-on-one English lessons.

  • Learn in a fun and relaxed environment.

  • I can help you!

Do you need to improve your English language skills? I can help! My name is Bruce and I am a TEFL certified ESL Teacher with over seven years of experience teaching students online and offline. I am a native speaker of American English. I focus on helping young learners improve their reading, writing, grammar, listening, and conversational skills. I also provide pronunciation exercises so that accents are reduced and the language sounds more native. I understand many of the unique challenges that may arise when learning English and can help students develop the skills necessary to read, write, and speak English.

I have a diverse collection of lessons designed to help students master the basics of the English language and progress to develop reading, writing, listening, and conversational skills. These lessons are customized for each individual student so that I can concentrate on specific language strengths and weaknesses. 

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Personalized 1:1 English Classes

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Welcome to ESL Class Online. I offer lessons focused on speaking, reading, listening, and grammar. This diverse collection of lessons helps me to provide you with the English skills you need to achieve your personal goals.

Scheduling a class is easy! Use my online booking system to choose the date and time that you would like to schedule a class. Each lesson session is 30 minutes. If there is a booking time that you would like that is not on the booking calendar, please contact me here. I will try to arrange a class time that meets your schedule. Please be sure to include your email when completing the booking information form. 


Five Stars

Hello Teacher Bruce. How are you today? We learned many new vocabulary words today. And you are a funny humorous teacher. Thank you for teaching me. Bye


He is a good teacher. I always enjoy lessons with him. Also, I learn a lot from them. Thank you.

Thanks so much for Teacher Bruce. Lulu is so happy to learn from you and more free talk. She loves to share with you. Looking forward to your next class.

Parent of student Lulu


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