Student Testimonials

What Students Say About My 1:1 Tutoring:

Five Stars

Hello Teacher Bruce. How are you today? We learned many new vocabulary words today. And you are a funny humorous teacher. Thank you for teaching me. Bye


He is a good teacher. I always enjoy lessons with him. Also, I learn a lot from them. Thank you.


Thanks so much for Teacher Bruce. Lulu is so happy to learn from you and more free talk. She loves to share with you. Looking forward to your next class.

Parent of student Lulu

He is a very nice teacher and will talk about things you like, making learning English much easier! 👍


Bruce is great! He did a lot of effort before class and always gives me lot of useful information to help me to improve my grammar, vocabulary, and oral test skills.


Always finds topics to talk about. Bruce is amazing.


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