Have you ever wanted to learn some cool English words that’ll make you sound super smart? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re diving into some awesome words you can use to impress your friends.

1. Incredible

If you describe something as incredible, it means something is so amazing, that it’s almost hard to believe. For instance, you might say, “The movie last night was incredible!” to express how much you enjoyed it.

2. Astounding

Similar to incredible, astounding is used to describe something surprising. For example: “It’s astounding how fast that car can go!” shows your surprise at its speed.

3. Bizarre
Use “bizarre” when you encounter something strange or unusual. An example could be “That’s a bizarre-looking fish!” to describe a fish that looks odd or out of the ordinary.

4. Flabbergasted
If something surprises you so much that you’re almost speechless, then you’re flabbergasted. Saying, “I was flabbergasted when I got an A+ on the test!” expresses your surprise at achieving such a high grade.

5. Hilarious
For something amusing, “hilarious” is your go-to word. “That joke was hilarious!” indicates that the joke made you laugh a lot.

Let’s Use Them!

Next time you’re conversing with friends or crafting an essay, use one of these words. You’ll not only appear more articulate but you’ll also get valuable practice with your English.

Remember, consistent practice is the key to learning. Let’s integrate these cool words into our daily conversations and make them a part of our vocabulary!

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