Today, we’re going to explore how learning English is like building a tower of blocks. Have you ever played with blocks? I bet you have!

What are Blocks?

Blocks are those colorful cubes and rectangles you can stack on top of each other. They can be fun to play with!

Building Blocks

Learning English is just like playing with blocks. You start with one block, like learning the alphabet. A, B, C… easy-peasy! Then, you add another block, like learning words—cat, dog, apple. Yummy!

It Gets Taller!

As you learn more, your “tower” of knowledge gets taller and taller! Sometimes it might wobble or fall, but that’s okay. You can always start building again.


Learning English can be more fun when you have a friend to help you build your tower. So, let’s build our English towers together! 🤝

Let’s Keep Building!

Learning English can be a fun game. Let’s keep adding more and more blocks to our tower, and soon, it’ll be the tallest one ever!

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